We are inspired by the way in which things are done. We do not create clothes just to fill up shelves. In these modern times, it is easy and for anyone to do almost anything, so what is most important is how we do these things. We aim to provide opportunities for people working locally and well, to work all together to create sustainable clothes, without having negative impacts on our sur roundings.



To produce a responsibly made product, we start with materials. We prioritize natural, recycled, and renewable materials. We do not use any fur, leather, silk or feathers.
- Organic cotton fabric which is grown without herbicides or pesticides.
- Lenzing tencel which is made from the pulp of sustainably harvested trees.
- Banana which is considered one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics because it is naturally resistant to pests and requires very little water.
- Paper hang tags made from recycled old cotton tee-shirts.
- Our bags are composed of 100% recycled plastic (coming from Chennai slums)
- All our clothes are naturally dyed with colors coming from roots, nuts, flowers and fruits. No harmful chemicals are used.



In our global industrial epoch, continuing this anachronistic manufacturing process is a form of resistance. But it’s worth the trouble. Every handmade and hand-dyed piece is unique. The human aspect of this process is all important. Sustainable development is not only about the environment. In this generic term, there are three founding pillars: the social one, the environmental one, and the economic one. The action of Kimaya alongside its suppliers is perfectly in keeping with this approach. Our relationship with our partners is primordial. It’s a chain of solidarity in which each supports and helps the other. Kimaya commits towards what is ethical and returns to things that are authentical. “We have a desire for handmade, authenticity and humanity. Hand and human make a difference. I love clothing that has a soul. I prefer to produce less, but better.”



This is another concept that is inherent in our identity. Raising the “consumer” is one of our objectives. Shopping is considered to be a mindless occupation, when in fact it is one of the most important activity an individual can do. Shopping is the equivalent of voting. In an effort to foster mindful consumption habits, Kimaya maintains an open conversation about its approach and encourages consumers to re-evaluate the relationship society has with clothing.



Each piece is designed with love and joy in our studio in Auroville. “Let Beauty be your constant ideal. Beauty of the soul, beauty of feelings, beauty of thoughts, beauty of actions, beauty in work, so that nothing comes out of your hands that is not an expression of pure and harmonious beauty. And the divine help will always be with you.” The Mother



There are options and alternatives in this industry to manufacture responsibly.
We are only at the beginning, and there will always be something new to discover, a challenge to tackle. We will continue to set goals to achieve greater levels of sustainability.
The goal is to design and manufacture our clothes with great care, to reduce our impact, generate awareness, and ask you, our dear customer, to join us in taking action to hold ourselves all accountable.